Heather Cameron
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Heather's new EP features contemporary arrangements of traditional music, including:
  1. When First I Came to Caledonia
  2. Jig Medley
  3. Red is the Rose
  4. Gentle Maiden Set
  5. Ballad of New Scotland
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Heather has been surrounded by music from a very young age. Being raised in a musical family in the heart of Nova Scotia, she was singing and playing as soon as she was able.

With encouraging supportive parents behind her, she was exposed to a number of musical styles, mastering the piano, fiddle, highland bagpipes, and guitar, as well as fostering a beautiful clear voice. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Certificate in Music Therapy leading to a career as a performer, teacher and music therapist.

In her constant effort to create meaningful live music experi​ences, Heather applies her talent and experience to a repertoire that encompasses familiar traditional and contem​porary songs.

Heather is an accomp​lished, upbeat and lively performer experienced in a wide variety of settings. For the last 10 years she has been living in Calgary AB she has freelanced with Celtic groups Seanachie, Stephen's Green, Third Reel and Staggered Pints. She has also been a founding member of Celtic group Wild Roses and Scottish Country Dance Band, Mercat Cross.

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