1. One Wish

From the recording Never Land

Music by Heather Cameron, Lyrics by Jeanette Smith.


She sat all alone in an orchard,
With little blue bows in her hair,
And gazed through the tears, softly falling
On the arm of her tiny wheelchair.

A little canary sang sweetly
On the branch of an old apple tree.
She spoke in almost a whisper,
"Won't you please trade places with me?"

"Just for today, little fellow,
So I may finally see
What it would be like to be flying,
Singing without a care, I'd be free."

"For you see, I get lonely and tired,
The friends I have are so few,
But I know I'd have friends, little fellow,
If I could trade places with you."

"Just for today, little fellow,
Then I'd return to my chair,
And I'd cherish my wonderful memories,
No more would I shed a tear."

"Oh I would be ever so thankful,
And I'd never complain again."
Then sadly she glanced at her wheelchair,
And all hope of her wish there did end.